is based on Peter S. Beagles famous cult novel and the 1982 animation classic, which enjoy both a worldwide audience and a large Internet fan community until today. 

touches the hearts of young and adult audiences and leads them into a world of positive images and hopeful fantasy. For centuries the unicorn has been a symbol of love, peace, spirituality, miracles, good luck, purity, magic and happiness. The unicorn symbol is  unique, distinctive and outstanding.

has a peaceful message of love based on hope, creative imagination and humour. It uses positive visualisation. its values reflect the spirit of peace: love, compassion and learning - the ability to reach tasks in harmony with fellow beings through search, trust and courage.

is the perfect film entertainment in a time longing for positive fantasy  it will be a global movie event with computer generated creatures and special effects (CGI) and all the magic and emotion that only big cinema can offer.

has been one of the longest running fantasy success stories in modern film history since it was first published as a novel  in the 1960s. The 1982 animation film is still running today  at prime time hours in major TV networks all over the world and on DVD re-releases.  The story and characters of THE LAST UNICORN have proven over 30 years to be successful and unique with the widest possible appeal to all audience groups and every age.